Adult Phone Holograms

Adult holograms projected from your mobile phone by 2016.  That’s the prediction made by tech firm ‘Ostendo’ that claims to have made a breakthrough in holographic chip technology that will allow smartphone users to project Star Wars type 3D holograms into the air.

3D naked girls and hardcore sex scenes projected in front of you, using just your smartphone…and less than two years away!!

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Chris Evan sees ‘totally awesome hologram’

We don’t know if the hologram that British DJ Chris Evans saw was of a naked girl, but judging by his reaction on twitter, if it wasn’t, he’d explode at the sight of an adult hologram :

Forget about high-definition television. Forget about 3D. Chris Evans has seen the future of home entertainment – and it’s a hologram. “Just been to see a hologram demo – without doubt the most jaw dropping thing I have ever witnessed (in entertainment terms that is) magical,” tweeted the Radio 2 breakfast DJ. “Totally ridiculous – frighteningly brilliant. I have never ever ever ever ever seen anything as impressive in the world of entertainment. Makes HD and 3D look like black and white television.” So gushing was Evans that he felt compelled to confirm it’s “not a wind-up … Have now gone to lie down to let what I saw sink in. Not sure my brain can take it, after all I’m a DJ.” Imagine a walking, talking Chris Evans in every living room in the country – a bit like this, perhaps. What could be better?

Chris Evans tweets on seeing hologram

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